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Re: tumme testing

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: tumme testing
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 03:22:23 +0200
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>> 5. No data provided easily
>>     The new buffer did not display the images with the data provided
>>     by dired.  In particular, it did not display images with names,
>>     sizes, and dates.  (You can click on an image to obtain its name
>>     -- I don't know how to do this while keeping my hands on the
>>     keyboard -- but compared to other thumbnail programs, that
>>     clicking does not provide much efficiency when you are looking at
>>     many images; for one, you must remember which visual image goes
>>     with which size.)

This is the main drawback of tumme.el now (thumbs.el is not better).
I hope this will be improved ASAP.

> Correct. That's not implemented yet. Partly because I have dired in
> another window, and I am using the "track movement" thing so that I
> can see, in dired, which file point is on in the thumbnail buffer. It
> would probably be quite easy to add that info to the thumbnail buffer,
> but it would require a rewrite of the code that places the thumbnail
> files there, and exactly how it should look must be investigated. It
> is harder in Emacs to center texts under images and so on.

This should be quite easy.  You could try the function `image-size'
which returns the size of the image in characters.

>> Comment:
>>     Back on 5 February using iimage.el, Juri Linkov showed what can be
>>     done to make an Emacs thumbnail packages more useful.
> Yes, I saw that too. I'll keep it in mind for future additions
> of functionality.

If not with iimage.el, then at least with `put-image'.  Though `put-image'
currently has one drawback: its created overlays don't evaporate when
relocated to the beginning of the buffer, because `put-image' doesn't put
the property `evaporate' to its overlays.  But adding `evaporate' is not
possible because then the overlay evaporates immediately after its creation,
since its length is 0 initially, due to (make-overlay pos pos buffer),
where `pos pos' creates the 0-length overlay.

Juri Linkov

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