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Re: Cursor on images not visible

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Cursor on images not visible
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 10:20:09 +0100
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> The file that needs this the most is wid-edit.el.  When the cursor type is
> `bar', typing TAB repeatedly on a column of checkboxes for face attributes
> in the face customization buffer has no visual feedback at all.

Personally, I have even more problems distinguishing active checkboxes
from inactive ones, the ticks are hardly visible.  Maybe you could do
something about this too?  I currently use

(define-widget 'checkbox 'toggle
  "A checkbox toggle."
  :button-suffix ""
  :button-prefix ""
  :format "%[%v%]"
  :on "[X]"
  ;; We could probably do the same job as the images using single
  ;; space characters in a boxed face with a stretch specification to
  ;; make them square.
  :on-glyph '(create-image (make-string 8 0)
                           'xbm t :width 8 :height 8
                           :background "black"        ; like default mode line
                           :foreground "black"
                           :relief -1
                           :ascent 'center)
  :off "[ ]"
  :off-glyph '(create-image (make-string 8 0)
                            'xbm t :width 8 :height 8
                            :background "grey"
                            :foreground "grey"
                            :relief 1
                            :ascent 'center)
  :help-echo "Toggle this item."
  :action 'widget-checkbox-action)

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