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Re: address@hidden: HP-UX: link error]

From: Christoph Bauer
Subject: Re: address@hidden: HP-UX: link error]
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:34:07 +0100


> Ken, Richard, Christoph,
> Sorry, but I just reverted the patch to xdisp.c and made a different
> patch to term.c.  So Christoph, I would appreciate if you could test
> compilation on HP-UX again.

it works fine again. I did the build in an empty directory
with native cc and the latest cvs version. configure runs with 
CFLAGS="-D_INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE -O". I _don't_ have to define
MULTIBYTE_IS_FORMAT_SAFE or fix src/config.h.

So a patch for remaining HP-UX problems could be:

diff -r1.406 configure.in

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