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Re: Icon update

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Icon update
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:48:26 +0200
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Bill Wohler wrote:
"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

I think the recent changes to the tool bar icons was so that
next_node, prev_node and up_node would clearly indicate that we are
moving in the node (i.e. document) and not in the history of previous
moves (see previous discussion on emacs-devel).  I think the ones you
suggest are more of the history kind of icons.

Really? It seems that stock_left and stock_right are usually used for
history, not stock_next and stock_previous.

You may be right, it was just my first impression, not a well reasearched fact :-).

                                               There are icons called
next-page and previous-page though (attached, no up-page seems to
exist).  But these seems to be poorly supported by the themes I have
(no theme has customized those icons).

Gnus and MH-E use the next-page icon to indicate paging down within
the current article/mail message, *not* to the next article/mail
message. I *think* that's the intent of this icon.
In other words, stock_next-page is used to page within the current
article/message/file/node while stock_next is used to go to the next

I think the distiction is a bit blurred in info. While you may go to the next node (for example, Emacs/Basic/Inserting text to Emacs/Basic/Moving Point), you are still within the same topic/article (Emacs and indeed Emacs/Basic).

You do point out that the arrows are used for history, but in MH-E,
I'm using them to go to the next and previous message. Whoops.

Now, I would suggest that we take stock_previous and stock_next icons
from GNOME and use those in info and MH-E. Since the custom next-node
and prev-node Emacs icons aren't supported by GTK at all, we're no
worse off and buy consistency between Info, MH-E, and GNOME.

If that OK with those who took part in the previous discussion, it is fine by 

However, the metaphor between the next and previous icons isn't the
same as the up and top icons, as shown in the following:

Yes, I think the previous discussion pointed to a lack of icons in the Gtk/Gnome set, and I think, but am not sure, that a bug report on that was filed as well.

I don't think we'd want to do this. I'll ask what the GNOME usability
folks what they recommend we use for these functions and report back


        Jan D.

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