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Re: blink-cursor-end sometimes fails and disrupts pre-command-hook

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Re: blink-cursor-end sometimes fails and disrupts pre-command-hook
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 11:58:04 -0400

On 8/19/06, Chong Yidong <address@hidden> wrote:
"Ken Manheimer" <address@hidden> writes:

> i see now - blink-cursor-start is called by the timer, which sets
> blink-cursor-end on the pre-command-hook, does some cursor visibility
> business, and then reestablishes the blink-cursor-timer.
> seems to me it would be more reliable to set the blink-cursor-timer
> before adding blink-cursor-end to the pre-command-hook!
> i just tried making this change and removing the change from
> blink-cursor-end (by putting revised copies of both functions in my
> emacs rc), and the problem is not happening.  i would suggest going
> with both changes - blink-cursor-end with the condition i suggested
> adding, and blink-cursor-start looking like:

Bingo --- I think that's it.  Something in your customizations must be
causing the run-with-timer call in blink-cursor-start to signal an
error.  One possibility is an invalid `blink-cursor-interval'
variable.  Since blink-cursor-start is run from an (idle) timer,
quitting is disabled.

The question is, why did this surface only with the latest Emacs

actually, it isn't necessarily the latest emacs update, though it
probably is a one within the last several weeks.  i started noticing
the problem a week or so ago, but didn't have time to investigate
until yesterday.  i may not have done an update for a week or more
until before i first started seeing the problem.

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