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Re: blink-cursor-end sometimes fails and disrupts pre-command-hook

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Re: blink-cursor-end sometimes fails and disrupts pre-command-hook
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 12:59:54 -0400

On 8/19/06, Chong Yidong <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The question is, why did this surface only with the latest Emacs
>> update?
> actually, it isn't necessarily the latest emacs update, though it
> probably is a one within the last several weeks.  i started noticing
> the problem a week or so ago, but didn't have time to investigate
> until yesterday.  i may not have done an update for a week or more
> until before i first started seeing the problem.

Could you try to track down why the error happens?

One way I suggest doing this is to go through the various `error'
calls inside run-with-timer, and make them additionally print a
message or save something to a variable.  If we can find out which
`error' is being triggered, we can figure out whether it's a problem
with Emacs, or with your customizations.

i'll do that, soon (i've run out of time, today).

(incidentally, did my rant about `backtrace' make sense to anyone, and
if so, might it be feasible to fix it?  my model is python's exception
mechanism, which enables you to obtain the backtrace of an error at
the point that the exception is caught, which is an extremely valuable
introspection tool for debugging and executive operation...)


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