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Re: python-mode patch

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: python-mode patch
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:31:33 -0500
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>>>> Slawomir Nowaczyk writes:

    > C-c C-! is undefined in python-mode I use... and the "shell" terminology
    > is not used in our mode, only in the other one. But I assume you mean 
    > python-switch-to-python command.

Yes you are right, somehow I was in a bizarre state where the other python-mode
was getting picked up although I had removed it from load-path.

    > Nothing reverts for me... I have a strong impression you are not using
    > python-mode from CVS, as this mode doesn't do anything special about
    > pdb AFAICT (the pdb tracking feature is only present in the other mode).

Right, it doesn't revert now... that's nice.  I will start using this going 

    > Actually, C-c C-c works... the only thing is it doesn't show Inferior
    > Python by default, so you would need to switch to *Python* buffer
    > manually. Still, that's only two commands, not 4 :)

It does work as you say and 2 is def. better than 4.

Can "self" be made a keyword?

Thanks for clearing the rest up.

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