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RE: merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 07:16:29 -0700


> Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 6:35 AM
> Caveat: I haven't followed the merge thread closely, and I'm ignorant of
> most of what you are discussing there.
> Question: Regardless of what you decide about merging, will there be
> available for users, somewhere, a Windows binary of the 22
> release (as it is
> before merge of the Unicode branch)? Until now, I've only found Windows
> binaries of the latest CVS build, which, after the merge, would presumably
> include Unicode.
> I ask because I've had reports by an Icicles user on Emacs 23
> (Unicode) that
> Icicles key completion does not work with that version. I don't have a
> Windows binary of 23, so I haven't been able to look at the problem. If
> Emacs 23 treatment of keymaps or key bindings is very different, then
> perhaps I'll need to start over, to implement key-completion differently.
> (Or perhaps key completion will be impossible or unfeasible for
> the Unicode
> version.)
> I would like for Emacs users to continue to be able to find
> Windows binaries
> of the stable Emacs 22, even after Emacs 23 is merged, and I would like,
> myself, to be able to find a Windows binary of Emacs 23 (before
> or after the
> merge), to be able to look into the Icicles key-completion problems. Until
> now, I've been using Lennart's vanilla Emacs 22 builds on Windows, but I
> don't know what Lennart will make available after the merge. My
> question is,
> will I be able to find binaries of both Emacs 22 (without Unicode) and 23
> (with Unicode) after the merge? Will the former be available from GNU, for
> instance, and the latter from Lennart? Or both from Lennart?

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