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Re: Multi-tty design (Re: Reordering etc/NEWS)

From: Karoly Lorentey
Subject: Re: Multi-tty design (Re: Reordering etc/NEWS)
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 16:05:33 +0200
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Richard Stallman wrote:
>     The client-local environment list is shared between frames that were 
> created in
>     the same Emacsclient session.  The environment list is stored in a single
>     frame's environment parameter; the other frames' environment is set to 
> this
>     frame.
> That seems to privilege the first frame of a given client in a way
> that seems arbitrary.  And what happens if that frame gets deleted?
> Do you pick another one to be the canonical representative of that
> client? It seems a bit kludgy.

Yes, delete-frame has special code to deal with this.  I agree it's a

> That doesn't necessarily mean I object.  This could be the best
> method.  However, I would not describe this as a "client-local"
> variable.  The variable bindings are still frame-local, even though
> the environment is per-client.

I must clarify that there are no frame-local Emacs lisp bindings for the
environment, just frame parameters.  But otherwise you're right.

A cleaner solution would be to make server.el's client parameters (the
variable `server-clients') available to callproc.c, and use them directly.

People don't like the concept of client-local environments in general,
so I think it would be best to choose some other way to handle
environments instead.


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