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Re: [multi-tty] xt-mouse.el does not work in emacsclient frames

From: csant
Subject: Re: [multi-tty] xt-mouse.el does not work in emacsclient frames
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 23:13:29 +0200
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You could describe what you are doing step by step

emacs -Q -nw
M-x server-start RET
M-x xterm-mouse-mode RET
emacsclient -t

and then click somewhere into the terminal - xt-mouse is actually now loaded, and produces some garbage on each click, instead of positioning the point to where you just clicked. Clicking in the server frame will on the other hand correctly position the point on each click. The same happens if you start emacs -Q in X (without -nw) - I just wanted to show that xt-mouse works fine in terminal (i.e. there is something broken only in the emacsclient's frame).


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