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Re: Post-22.1 development?

From: Sean O'Rourke
Subject: Re: Post-22.1 development?
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 15:17:33 -0700
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Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:
> When there is choice I don't see how they can be
> counterproductive; presumably you can just use Carbon Emacs.

I do use Carbon Emacs.  But there's always risk in being part of
a silent minority, since the options of interest to such a
minority are more likely to be removed for the sake of
simplicity, etc. (see below).

>  > I already have a number of lines in my .emacs disabling various
>  > bits of modernization (e.g. tooltip-mode, tool-bar-mode,
>  > blink-cursor-mode, enormous fringes on both sides),
> Enormous is an exaggeration - they're one character wide - and since
> you _can_ disable them I see no problem. 

True, but IIRC it was only possible to disable the fringes after
a number of people complained.  And "enormous" is relative -- for
me at the time, the fringe made it impossible to have two
non-overlapping, 80-column frames side-by-side with my preferred

> I don't see these features simply as modernisation.  I find the
> toolbar useful for debugging and the fringe displays breakpoint
> icons.  I imagine other people have other uses for them.

I have since re-added a half-width left fringe for debugging
arrows.  I would prefer that it only appear when the arrow was
needed, but I now prefer it to the old text arrow.

> I think a bit of flexibility is needed on both sides.  This
> could get blown up out of proportion, but I think it should
> really be a small issue.

Agreed.  I'm happy as long as I can disable these things in my
.emacs.  I just thought that there are probably quite a few of us
out here who prefer doing things the "old way," that this very
preference is part of what keeps us using Emacs rather than
Eclipse or something, and that it's important to remind everyone
that we exist.


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