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RE: A wish, a plea

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: A wish, a plea
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 14:30:57 -0700

> > You forgot the option for displaying *scratch* on startup.  Perhaps
> > nil should do that, and I think it should be the default value.
> I think that is special-casing *scratch* too much.  Maybe
> visit-on-startup can evaluate to a buffer and be something like
> (get-buffer-create "*scratch*")
> (find-file "~/")
> and the special value "nil" is reserved for not mapping an initial
> frame at all (namely, waiting for a call of emacsclient).
> Or something like that.  I'll readily admit that this might not be the
> final solution.

I think we're (at least the 3 of us) thinking along similar lines. The
important thing is for others to agree to have a `visit-on-startup' option.

I think that the definition of `visit-on-startup' could probably be as
simple as I suggested (see my reply to Juri), but I might be wrong and we
would need to add a separate `choice' for a buffer to visit.

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