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Re: guided tour suggestions

From: Phil Sung
Subject: Re: guided tour suggestions
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 21:16:42 -0400
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Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:
> I'd suggest mentioning something about the mouse in the Region section.

Ok. Is there something remarkable about mouse usage other than click-and-drag
to select a region? (I don't really use the mouse in Emacs.)

> I agree 100%, BTW, that the aim here is not to teach how to use Emacs but to
> show a little of what's available. That's why key bindings are not so
> important to describe.

Good point. I will trim some key binding mentions.

Previous suggestions which were made:

* Mention help features earlier

  I now mention the manual close to the beginning, and function documentation
  right after the section on editing commands.

* Emphasize Emacs as a coding environment

  There are now screenshots of GDB, compile, grep, and shell, and further
  information about what programming major modes can do.

Again, the draft is at:

If no one objects, I will ask the webmasters to replace the version on gnu.org
with this soon.


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