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Re: Saving the selection before killing

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Saving the selection before killing
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:53:53 -0400

    > The question is how much slowdown this feature adds when there is no
    > selection.

    Uh, why?  

Because (1) usually there is no selection, and (2) when there is a
selection, that means you want this feature to do something useful
for you.

              Can we rule out that there are large selections?

If we install this feature, it means we call on users to make sure to
have selections in other programs, when they kill in Emacs, only when
they want to pull those selections into Emacs.

    That should be reasonably fast.  I would expect noticeable effects at
    most when running keyboard macros.  However, keyboard macros that yank
    stuff are not really infrequent, and when one is running them on a
    whole buffer, checking the display remotely every time _might_
    conceivably make a difference.

Maybe this feature should be disabled inside keyboard macros.

    Perhaps we should ignore selections altogether when executing keyboard
    macros, not just in this case.

Perhaps.  I won't say outright that that's a bad idea.  But it is a
separate question.

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