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Re: nXML

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: nXML
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 23:18:07 -0400

    2. Can I keep the directory layout as-is?  In the distribution, there
       are two subdirectories: char-name and schema.  schema contains a
       bunch of *.rnc files and one schema.xml file.

This sounds like something we need to move to etc, for the sake of
installation coherence and simplicity.  We can call it etc/nxml.

                                                     char-names contains a
       single directory (unicode) with a number of *.el files.

How many files are in char-names/unicode?

What do those files do?  Is their job very specific to html?  In other
words, given that we add them to Emacs, would we want to make them a
more general separate facility?

If these become a new separate facility, they won't count as part of
nXML, and in particular you shouldn't count them when deciding
question 1.  But if they are specific to nXML and should remain in it,
then they do count as part of nXML for all purposes.

    1. Is lisp/nxml the right place for it?  nXML is not a small package.

How many .el files does nXML have?  If it is more than 12 files, they
should go in a new directory.  Otherwise they should go in textmodes.

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