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Re: nXML

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: nXML
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 23:41:33 -0400
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>                                                    char-names contains a
>        single directory (unicode) with a number of *.el files.

> How many files are in char-names/unicode?

> What do those files do?  Is their job very specific to html?  In other
> words, given that we add them to Emacs, would we want to make them a
> more general separate facility?

They have no code.  Only data that maps Unicode char names to their
(integer) code and that groups them into a few categories.

> If these become a new separate facility, they won't count as part of
> nXML, and in particular you shouldn't count them when deciding
> question 1.  But if they are specific to nXML and should remain in it,
> then they do count as part of nXML for all purposes.

Most likely they should be merged with the rest of the unicode data we use
in the emacs-unicode branch.  Also, they should be auto-generated from
emacs/admin/unidata/Unicode.txt rather than stored in the CVS.

>     1. Is lisp/nxml the right place for it?  nXML is not a small package.

> How many .el files does nXML have?  If it is more than 12 files, they
> should go in a new directory.  Otherwise they should go in textmodes.

About 25 source Elisp files.  Sounds like it deserves its own directory.


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