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Re: emacs built today (11th feb 2008) crashes under Vista

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: emacs built today (11th feb 2008) crashes under Vista
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 06:14:20 +0200

> From: Eric Lilja <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 23:57:00 +0100
> I'm doing a fresh build right now (I wonder if I should have disabled 
> the new font backend this time to see what happened, oh well).

The default is to build with font backend disabled, so if you didn't
_enable_ it, you are building without it.

> Could you explain how exactly I would do that in gdb?

>From the src directory:

  gdb ./oo-spd/i386/emacs.exe
  (gdb) break init_user_info
  (gdb) run -Q

Then, when it stops in init_user_info, type:

  (gdb) until 619

(619 is the number of the line where it calls

When it stops at line 619, type "step" repeatedly to step through
get_sid_sub_authority_count, and see what happens there.

If you compiled with optimizations, it could be that
get_sid_sub_authority_count is inlined, and you will have difficulties
stepping through it.  If that happens, please recompile without
optimizations (edit gmake.defs to remove the -U2 compiler switch, then
run configure, make, make install to rebuild).

> If I copy the source along with the binaries, will gdb be able to
> find it and I can put a breakpoint in there?

If it doesn't find the sources, use the `dir' command to tell GDB
where to find the sources.  This command accepts a name of a directory
and adds it to the list of directories where GDB looks for sources.

Btw, is that a 32-bit Vista or a 64-bit one?

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