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Re: merging Emacs.app

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: merging Emacs.app
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 21:04:19 -0800

Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

  > >> But the focus will be on 23.1.  As mentioned I'd like to enter feature
  > >> freeze for 23.1 by the beginning of the summer.  Until then I mostly
  > >> hope to include Emacs.app.
  > > Is there a definite schedule for merging Emacs.app?
  > No.  I just got in touch with Robert Adrian to try and figure out how
  > to proceed.
  > > What will happen with the Carbon port in CVS HEAD? It probably doesn't
  > > even compile at the moment.
  > What will happen to this port will in large part depend on whether or
  > not someone wants to maintain it.  The Emacs.app port is desirable not
  > only because it provides support for Mac OS X but also because it
  > provides support for GNUstep.
  > W.r.t whether we want the old Carbon port, the Carbon+Appkit port
  > (which I've only heard about), and/or the Emacs.app port all
  > together... well that makes for 4 different ports (counting the X11
  > version) for Mac OS X, which is a lot more than we need/want.
  > I think it's important for Emacs-23 to support Mac OS X about as well as
  > we did with Emacs-22.  So if Emacs.app is not yet ready and someone else
  > is willing to work on one of the Carbon ports, maybe we could keep it.

Hopefully the Mac OS X guys can get together and decide to support just
one of the non-X11 ports...

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