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RE: C-M-TAB stand-in for M-TAB, on MS Windows?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: C-M-TAB stand-in for M-TAB, on MS Windows?
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 07:46:07 -0700

> Can we stop this useless thread?  We're not going to activate 
> this thing by default, this is a final decision.

It's not important to "activate this thing by default"
(by which I assume you mean (w32-register-hot-key [M-tab])).

What is important is to  _document_  it.
What were the objections raised to that?

* Eli decided not to document it "because it sounded like an obscure function
whose meaning and semantics will not be clear to most users".

* Lennart said "there might be technical limitations (but I am unsure which
these are)."

Dunno what "it sounded like" means, but the name can be changed, if that's a
problem. And the meaning can be made clear. If no one can specify any "technical
limitations", then their mere supposition should not block documentation. If
some limitations are known, then they can be documented.

IOW, whether `w32-register-hot-key' is 100% reliable and 100% easy to understand
for all cases has been questioned only vaguely, with no explanation.

What is important is that it works for `M-TAB', at least, and that is a use case
that is easy to understand and important to communicate to Windows users. Give
users the information and let them choose - no concrete reason has been given to
keep them in the dark. 

If you feel you need to add a disclaimer that `w32-register-hot-key' might not
work for some key sequences and its semantics might not be clear in all cases to
all users, go right ahead. But at least let users know that they can use it to
recuperate M-TAB for Emacs.

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