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Re: C-M-TAB stand-in for M-TAB, on MS Windows?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: C-M-TAB stand-in for M-TAB, on MS Windows?
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 02:11:57 -0400
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Can someone install this patch?


>>>>> "Drew" == Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:

>> I have a problem with this description: it doesn't really explain what
>> can and what can't be an argument to these functions, and whether
>> there's any significance to the term "hot-key" that is part of the
>> functions' names.  An example helps, but a single example is not
>> enough to overcome the difficulty of a total lack of description of
>> the argument, and also of what the function actually does.  Come to
>> think about it, the suggested text explains even less than the doc
>> string does, which to me doesn't make sense (it should be the other
>> way around).
>> > address@hidden w32-register-hot-key
>> > address@hidden w32-unregister-hot-key
>> These should be @findex; @vindex is for variables/options.
>> > +  Although the @key{ALT} key is mapped by default to the Emacs
>> > address@hidden key, MS Windows preempts its use by Emacs for certain key
>> > +combinations, such as @key{ALT-TAB}.  You can use function
>> > address@hidden to allow a key sequence to be seen by
>> > +Emacs instead of being grabbed by Windows.
>> > +
>> > address@hidden M-TAB @r{(MS-Windows)}
>> > address@hidden @code{M-TAB} vs @code{Alt-TAB} (MS-Windows)
>> You should use @address@hidden and @address@hidden, not
>> @key{ALT-TAB} or @code{M-TAB}.
>> > address@hidden @code{Alt-TAB} vs @code{M-TAB} (MS-Windows)
>> > +  For example, @code{(w32-register-hot-key [M-tab])} lets you use
>> > address@hidden normally in Emacs. This is effective at all levels, so,
>> ^^
>> Two spaces after a period that ends a sentence, please.
>> Finally, please include a ChangeLog entry with your patch.

> Thanks for the corrections.

> Attached is a new patch. My knowledge of this is limited to what the doc 
> string
> says, so I've reproduced that. Feel free to make any more additions or
> corrections. In particular, feel free to explain what a Windows hot key and
> hotkey-id are.

> It is important to at least let users know that they can recuperate M-TAB. 
> But I
> certainly agree that it would be good to have a complete and accurate
> description of what these functions do. If you can provide that information,
> please do submit a better patch.

> BTW, it looks to me like there might be similar syntax errors to those I made
> (e.g. @code{Alt} in @cindex), throughout this file - you might want to check 
> the
> syntax generally.

> HTH.

> 2008-05-27 Drew Adams  <address@hidden>
>       * msdog.text:
>       Added descriptions of w32-register-hot-key and w32-unregister-hot-key.

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