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buffer name completion is case-sensitive now

From: Drew Adams
Subject: buffer name completion is case-sensitive now
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 09:40:48 -0700

Sometime between April 19 and May 4, at least on Windows, buffer-name completion
seems to have been changed to become case-sensitive.

I have been annoyed by this, and I just got a message from an Icicles user who
complained of the same thing, thinking it had something to do with Icicles.

Was this change intentional? I didn't notice any discussion of it here, and I
can find nothing in NEWS about it? I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

To me, this is a bug. If this is intentional, however, count me as one vote
against it. If the decision is final, then how about at least adding a user
option to deal with this? Users should not need to redefine `read-buffer' or
commands that use buffer-name completion, just to bind `completion-ignore-case'
to non-nil.

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