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RE: buffer name completion is case-sensitive now

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: buffer name completion is case-sensitive now
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 10:48:18 -0700

> > Sometime between April 19 and May 4, at least on Windows, buffer- 
> > name completion seems to have been changed to become
> > case-sensitive.
> >
> > I have been annoyed by this, and I just got a message from an  
> > Icicles user who complained of the same thing, thinking it had
> > something to do with Icicles.
> >
> > Was this change intentional? I didn't notice any discussion of it  
> > here, and I can find nothing in NEWS about it? I'm surprised no
> > one has mentioned this yet.
> The change is experimental rather than final.  I've documented it in  
> NEWS for now.

So I guess you are saying that this change was intentional, not accidental (not
a bug).

No discussion here (AFAICT)? How do such "experiments" get implemented without
any proposal and discussion? 

This changes long-standing standard Emacs behavior. It should be reverted.

> > To me, this is a bug. If this is intentional, however, count me as  
> > one vote against it. If the decision is final, then how about at 
> > least adding a user option to deal with this? Users should not
> > need to redefine `read-buffer' or commands that use buffer-name
> > completion, just to bind `completion-ignore-case' to non-nil.
> With the introduction of `read-file-name-completion-ignore-case'  
> there's less need to have an MS-Windows specific
> default value of `completion-ignore-case'.

Irrelevant. This is about completion of _buffer_ names, not file names. Try
completing `*m' to *Messages* now - doesn't work.

No one is questioning what `read-file-name' should do; this is about
`completing-read' with buffer names.

> However, buffer names -- particularly those that are based
> upon filenames -- would probably benefit from case-insensitivity
> in completion, at least on systems with case insensitive file
> systems.

"Probably"? That has been the behavior for decades. How can it be changed
willy-nilly, with no discussion?

> Are there any other examples  
> where case sensitivity is problematic?

Dunno what you mean. 

Are you proposing to also change the traditional behavior for other kinds of
completion?  I certainly hope other such changes won't be made. 

Or are you asking if the same improper behavior occurs now for more than just
buffer names? I've only noticed it wrt buffer names.

Please revert this "experimental" change.

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