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Re: adding consistent extra symbols to input methods (cyrillic-*, croati

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: adding consistent extra symbols to input methods (cyrillic-*, croatian-*, slov*, czech-* etc.) input methods
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 00:27:35 +0300
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>> There's no space on the mode line for such long indicators.  I think
>> we should rather display some special character there, meaning that
>> several methods are active, and only list all of them in the tooltip
>> that pops when the mouse is hovering above that indicator.
> Since currently it shows a single character for the input method, how
> about just appending a "+" in the case where there are others active as
> well...
> This presumes that one is the "main" input method, and others are
> "subsidiary", but that seems likely to be true in many (most?) cases,
> and it's certainly more useful than _only_ displaying a "+" or
> something...

As `list-input-methods' shows, there is only one input method with
a "+" in its name: "ucs" ("U+" in the mode line).  But since a "+"
is a good indicator for additional input methods, so perhaps it is
not a big problem when it will be displayed as "U++".

PS: I could submit a patch that provides UI for using multiple input
methods after Handa-san will install multi-input-method-function and
other related code, possibly renaming to better names.  I propose
the following changes in names:

activate-preposition-input-method -> activate-additional-input-method
inactivate-preposition-input-method -> inactivate-additional-input-method
local-input-method-list -> current-additional-input-method-list
global-input-method-list -> remove this variable since there is
no global variant of `current-input-method'.

Juri Linkov

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