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Re: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/bookmark.el,v

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/bookmark.el,v
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 17:25:32 +0100
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> Thanks, but could you perhaps describe in a few words what is this
> supposed to do?  I'm too busy these days to find time to play with
> patches.  What use cases does this support?  What will it show for the
> monster commits like the on in lisp/org a few days ago, where the same
> function in the same file could be mentioned several times in the same
> log message?  What will it show for change logs like the one below,
> assuming I'm looking for the log entries of kmacro-edit-lossage?
>     2008-10-11  Romain Francoise  <address@hidden>
>        * help.el (view-lossage): Fix docstring, lossage is now 300 keys.
>        * kmacro.el (kmacro-edit-lossage): Ditto.
>        * edmacro.el (edit-kbd-macro): Ditto.

I didn't know you cared about ChangeLog buffers (where such entries have
been around ever since).  My patch was intended for Log-View mode.
Anyway, the idea is to show only entries related to the current file,
that is in the above example, just show

2008-10-11  Romain Francoise  <address@hidden>

        * kmacro.el (kmacro-edit-lossage): Fix docstring, lossage is now 300 

I'll send you a better patch (for ChangeLog buffers too) as soon as I
satisfactorily solved things like the "Ditto" (and "Likewise") issue.


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