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Re: Don't report new bugs for Rmail??

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Don't report new bugs for Rmail??
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 16:15:45 -0500
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> As far as the BTS is concerned, it doesn't exist. Bugs are allowed to
> be assigned to packages which do not exist.

Indeed and we use that as labels by assigning bugs to emacs,<label>.
You mentioned "usertags" as another (better?) way to do the same, but
I don't know what that is.  Any URL?
>> Well, that request can easily be interpreted as meaning that bug
>> reports against Rmail are not welcome.  I think this is not what we
>> want to say.
> It is actually what is meant.  If a package doesn't exist, people
> shouldn't file bugs against it.  The problem here is that the package
> *should* apparently exist, and no one has bothered to communicate
> that fact.

I think the message should be changed to say that bugs should be
assigned to the `emacs' package instead.  I.e. we don't want to imply
that bugs shouldn't be reported, but just that they should be reported
elsewhere (to the "parent" package).


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