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Re: VC Development

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: VC Development
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 22:34:18 +1300

 > Better yet: use the `keymap' property rather than the `local-map'
 > property, so the keymap can just contains the `mouse-2' binding without
 > having to explicitly copy and/or inherit from the local map.

Like below?

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

2009-02-04  Nick Roberts  <address@hidden>

        * vc-dir.el (vc-dir-find-file-other-window): Allow mouse events.
        (vc-dir-mouse-map): New keymap.
        (vc-default-dir-printer): Use it locally.

--- vc-dir.el   01 Feb 2009 12:10:10 +1300      1.34
+++ vc-dir.el   04 Feb 2009 22:31:53 +1300      
@@ -689,9 +689,10 @@ that share the same state."
   (find-file (vc-dir-current-file)))
-(defun vc-dir-find-file-other-window ()
+(defun vc-dir-find-file-other-window (&optional event)
   "Find the file on the current line, in another window."
-  (interactive)
+  (interactive (list last-input-event))
+  (if event (posn-set-point (event-end event)))
   (find-file-other-window (vc-dir-current-file)))
 (defun vc-dir-isearch ()
@@ -1145,6 +1146,12 @@ Interactively, a prefix argument means t
    (propertize "Please add backend specific headers here.  It's easy!"
               'face 'font-lock-warning-face)))
+(defvar vc-dir-mouse-map
+   (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+     (define-key map [mouse-2] 'vc-dir-find-file-other-window)
+    map)
+  "Local keymap for visiting a file.")
 (defun vc-default-dir-printer (backend fileentry)
   "Pretty print FILEENTRY."
   ;; If you change the layout here, change vc-dir-move-to-goal-column.
@@ -1171,7 +1178,8 @@ Interactively, a prefix argument means t
       (if isdir
          "Directory\nVC operations can be applied to it\nmouse-3: Pop-up menu"
        "File\nmouse-3: Pop-up menu")
-      'mouse-face 'highlight))))
+      'mouse-face 'highlight
+      'keymap vc-dir-mouse-map))))
 (defun vc-default-extra-status-menu (backend)

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