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Re: Why Emacs should have a good web-browser

From: Paul R
Subject: Re: Why Emacs should have a good web-browser
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:18:40 +0200
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Hi Miles,

Miles> Please give more details about what you mean. Emacs' display
Miles> engine is not simple, and much code relies on its (many)
Miles> features. It would seem quit difficult to make it use
Miles> a high-level display toolkit with very different abstractions.

This is a very naïve suggestion, as I dont know much of emacs display
engine. I just notice that emacs wants to display formated text, with
hyperlinks, colors, pictures, antialiasing, etc. All of that (and much
more, like complex layouts, tables, etc) is already very well adressed
in an xhtml/css+js engine such as gecko or webkit, both free software
and available for integration in third party applications.


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