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Re: Emacs 22 Carbon+AppKit port and Emacs 23 Mac port

From: CHENG Gao
Subject: Re: Emacs 22 Carbon+AppKit port and Emacs 23 Mac port
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 15:47:49 +0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.1 (darwin)

YAMAMOTO-san, I found emacs-23.1-mac-1.92.tar.gz file is not there.

Since Snow Leopard is out of cage, I am wondering if YAMAMOTO-san intend
to add mac port into Emacs trunk. I personally hope this can happen.
With mac port added, the greatest befinet is Emacs can work on all
MacOSX versions. And if I understand correctly, it's not possible for
Cocoa port to achieve this easily.

1 Cocoa port uses 10.3 SDK to support MacOSX 10.3-10.5.

2 Snow Leopard supports only 10.4 and up (10.4 support is optional

3 Without radical changes, Cocoa port can not be built on Snow Leopard.
If Cocoa port is changed to use 10.4 SDK to add support for Snow
Leopard, 10.3 will be left out.

If mac port can be added, the benefits and possible future plan are:

1 Emacs (22, 23 and TRUNK?) works on all MacOSX versions.
User can choose to build mac port or Cocoa port.
Take 23 for example (I dont use 22 so I can not say for it):
User can build mac/Cocoa port on 10.3-10.5
User can build mac port on 10.6

2 Since all version can be covered by two ports combined, for future
development, mac/Cocoa port can be merged to support 10.5 and up (If
agressively enough, 10.6 and up for brand new features).

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