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Re: Emacs Package Management

From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: Re: Emacs Package Management
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 19:30:48 -0400

On Sat, 2009-09-12 at 15:38 -0700, Phil Hagelberg wrote:
> Tom Tromey <address@hidden> writes:
> It seems like the dust has settled a bit since the 23 release and we're
> out of feature freeze; I wonder if this would be a good time to discuss
> the inclusion of package.el again. I've been using it extensively as
> well as distributing all of my own elisp through it, and it has greatly
> simplified things for me and the users of my software.
> Some people have asked what the use would be; why not just include them
> in Emacs itself? There are several reasons:
> There would be some work involved in making package.el acceptable for
> Emacs. Currently uploading of new packages is done by hand; this process
> will need to be automated. Perhaps it could be integrated with Savannah
> project hosting; I'm sure something could be worked out.


The EDE part or CEDET is all about developing projects.  I'd be willing
to work with you to have it "create" projects/packages appropriate for
an Emacs package system, since CEDET itself would want to take advantage
of such a thing if it were made a part of Emacs.

Of course, this implies that Emacs packages are built w/ EDE's project
system, which some consider too heavy-handed.


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