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RE: Key bindings proposal

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Key bindings proposal
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 15:36:25 -0700

> > I tried anything, but it does nothing.
> > Do you have an idea what is wrong?
> Nothing is wrong, start typing commands say dired-, after exactly two
> characters typed (i.e "di") you will see completion.
> choose a command in list and run it with RET, C-z to describe it.
> When you have run command it is added in extended-command-history.
> Next time you run anything-M-x, you will see your command appearing in
> a buffer with header "Emacs commands history".

FWIW, nearly the same with Icicles.

But `dir' instead of `di', since there are also non-Dired command names (e.g.
`diary', `diff') that start with `di'.  And `C-M-RET' instead of `C-z' for
candidate help.  And just `M-x', not `anything-M-x'.  And normal access to the
history (as well as access using completion).

I made the point that the solution to the problem Juri described is not to
rename the commands but to use better completion (e.g. substring, regexp,
pcomplete, fuzzy,...).  That's the point.  It does not matter how you get better

I mentioned that even vanilla Emacs now offers completion other than prefix
completion - one need *not* use Icicles or Anything (or Ido, for that matter) to
invoke a command whose names matches somewhere other than the prefix. 

(However, Icicles (and probably Anything, by now) also offers progressive
completion, which lets you match multiple patterns (e.g. substrings) without
regard to order.)

The main point is that commands should *not* be named only on the basis of
facilitating prefix completion.  Instead, if you want to improve completion
matching, then use non-prefix matching.

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