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RE: Key bindings proposal

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Key bindings proposal
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 09:34:42 -0700

> > This is a useful change independently of the reason you gave
> > (use of menu accelerators).
> But what are technical difficulties of implementing menu accelerators?

I have no idea.  But apparently Lennart has more or less succeeded for Windows,
and Stephen mentioned that XEmacs added accelerators long ago.

> IIUC, Gtk and Windows already support menu accelerators,
> and they will also improve navigation in tmm-menubar
> (that currently assigns quite random accelerators).

[With La Carte what you type directly reflects the menu names themselves: you
complete against a menu path (with substring etc. matching, if you use Icicles
or Ido etc.).  There is nothing arbitrary about what you type.  This helps you
learn and remember the menu organization.  You can drill down the menu hierarchy
progressively, as in TMM (but with meaningful input) or you can match your menu
target directly.]
> So for instance, in Gimp you can open a file by typing `<f10> f o'.
> And in Emacs it will be possible to do exactly the same
> in Gtk, Windows, xterm and non-toolkit versions (using tmm).

I have nothing against Emacs supporting menu accelerators. That should be clear
from previous posts.  [And La Carte already handles (Lennart's implementation
of) accelerators.]

I was simply agreeing with you that `Search' could and perhaps should be a
top-level menu.  And that is so whether or not Emacs supports menu accelerators.

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