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RE: rainbow-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: rainbow-mode
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 07:39:47 -0800

>  > I'm not quite sure what you mean to say here.  Is it "this 
>  > is something that so many people want in Emacs that it's
>  > been partially reimplemented half a dozen times"?
> IIRC, the most recent discussion concluded that none of the half-
> implemented modes is good enough, especially given the nice features
> in the other half-implemented modes, and nobody stepped up to the
> plate to merge them, document the result, and make sure the result
> conforms to coding standards etc.

YRW.  Or you are inventing.  What "half-implemented" modes are you talking
about?  What do either of you think has been "partially reimplemented"?  What
discussion and conclusions are you talking about?

None of the libraries I mentioned (hexrgb.el, palette.el, doremi.el) have been
discussed here for inclusion in Emacs.  They are not half-implemented, and
they've been in use for years.

And none of them reimplement anything.  hexrgb.el and rainbow-mode.el both use
standard HSV/RGB conversion formulas.  That's all they have in common.  Using a
standard conversion formula, whether inches to centimeters or RGB to HSV, is not
"partially reimplementing" anything.

* hexrgb.el is a general-purpose library for color hex code conversion.  It is
used by several other libraries (including DoReMi and Palette and 4 other
libraries I wrote) to do just that.

* rainbow-mode.el is a library for showing color names/codes using the color as
background.  That is one specific use of color.

Similarly, DoReMi, Palette, and rainbow-mode all have different uses.  Yes, you
can use any of them to see what a color's hex code looks like.  But that is not
what they are about.  None of them "partially reimplements" another.

I mentioned DoReMi and Palette in the context of Lars's description of
attempting to tweak colors the hard way ("try #404090, *save*, *reload*, 'no,
darker', etc.").  The point was that there are "WYSIWYG ways to incrementally
adjust colors".

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