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Re: cannot build on w32

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: cannot build on w32
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:16:52 -0500

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:05:26 -0500
>> From: Sam Steingold <address@hidden>
>> Cc: address@hidden
>> fwiw, I use gnulib modules in clisp on both windows and unix and I use
>> the same autoconf-created configure files on unix and windows alike
>> identically.
>> (except that I to "./configure CC='gcc -mno-cygwin'" on win32).
>> this saves me an extra effort of maintaining a separate build system on 
>> windows.
> Sorry, requiring Emacs users on Windows install Cygwin just to build
> Emacs is out of question.

1. you don't need cygwin, just mingw.
2. people who _build_ emacs themselves usually already have cygwin

> (And for building on a single platform, autoconf is overkill anyway, IMO.)

that's what autoconf is for: so that you do not have to have a
separate build systems for various platforms.
it is weird to use autoconf for some platforms but not others.

Sam Steingold <http://sds.podval.org>

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