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Re: Binding M-n and M-p to forward-paragraphandbackward-paragraphrespect

From: Antoine Levitt
Subject: Re: Binding M-n and M-p to forward-paragraphandbackward-paragraphrespectively
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 12:19:06 +0200
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08/04/11 00:30, David De La Harpe Golden
> On 07/04/11 21:31, Antoine Levitt wrote:
>> I've got this bound globally as well. It just makes sense with the
>> global idea that C- is for atomic movements, and M- for group
>> movement.
> Er. In this particular case, M-{ and M-} are already conveniently
> bound to the movement by paragraph functions (and C-up/C-down...),
> anyway, aren't they?  Certain non-us keyboard layouts make '{' and '}'
> harder to type I suppose, but do we really need a third pair of
> bindings for the same damn actions?  Hell, I tend to think of the
> C-up/C-down one as less than useful, but I expect I edit bulk natural
> language text in emacs a lot less than some users.

Ah, yes, that's a good point. I use a french keyboard layout where M-{}
is a pain to type, so I missed that. But since emacs pretty much assumes
a US layout and paragraph functions are already bound to those, there's
no sense in binding them to M-n and M-p additionally.

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