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Re: Binding M-n and M-p to forward-paragraph and backward-paragraphrespe

From: Leo
Subject: Re: Binding M-n and M-p to forward-paragraph and backward-paragraphrespectively
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 13:37:08 +0800
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On 2011-04-10 11:10 +0800, chad wrote:
> As has been mentioned at least once, the minibuffer history bindings
> are in minibuffer-local-map, not global keys, and would not work as
> global keys.

They are also in many other places. I like keys to have similar meanings
in different modes or places. forward/backward-paragraph is a bit too
different from history navigation. Anyway, I don't have strong opinion
on this. Emacs already has too many trivial/intrusive key bindings.

On the other hand, advertising M-n/p as global keys for users to
customise might be better than provide default bindings.


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