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Re: The status of merging the new python.el to the trunk

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: The status of merging the new python.el to the trunk
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 08:59:04 -0400
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> Things that are easy to send in a separate patch:

> * Font locking (it's almost the same code)
> * Utility functions (python-util-*)

Then please send this along.

> And after that everything gets messy to me. Let's say I try to merge the
> navigation stuff, I have to merge the python-info* stuff too and then some
> of the old python.el indentation stuff depends on the navigation, so I'd
> have to fix that with the new navigation code or to put in place my
> indentation stuff. Of course I'd prefer the second since that code is really
> well tested and *boom* the patch gets bigger.

Is https://github.com/fgallina/python.el your working code?
I'll try and take a look.  I've bumped into such problems in the past, so
I combine a few useful assets: experience in those problem, intimate
knowledge of Emacs maintainer's expectations (e.g. his willingness to
accept intermediate states that aren't perfect), plus a lot of influence
over that same Emacs maintainer.


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