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Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3

From: Barry Warsaw
Subject: Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 11:36:55 -0400

On Oct 26, 2011, at 10:30 AM, Chong Yidong wrote:

>Martin recently introduced the command names
>  split-window-above-each-other -> C-x 2
>  split-window-side-by-side     -> C-x 3
>for which split-window-{vertically|horizontally} are now aliases.
>I don't mind the attempt to address the vertical/horizontal ambiguity,
>but the new names aren't ungrammatical.  In English, "split X above each
>other" sounds like a nonsense phrase, and "split X side by side" isn't
>much better.
>How about split-window-by-width or split-window-by-height?  Or can
>someone suggest something better?

How about:




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