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Re: PATCH: num3-mode for highlighting groups of digits in long numbers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: PATCH: num3-mode for highlighting groups of digits in long numbers
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:01:29 -0400
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> Sorry, you're absolutely right.  It's mistake in documentation in my
> part.  Attached is fixed version of the file.

Thanks, I just added it to the `elpa' so it should appear in GNU ELPA
next time someone refreshes it.

I made the following changes:
- Added a "Version: 1.0" header.
- Removed the (require 'font-lock) that seemed unnecessary.
- Removed turn-on-num3-mode since (num3-mode) does the same anyway.
  I do see that when num3-mode is already enabled (turn-on-num3-mode) did
  nothing whereas (num3-mode) will call font-lock-fontify-buffer but if
  that's a problem, we should fix num3-mode.

I'm not sure what the "-num-" prefix is meant to be and I'm not fond
of it.  If it's meant for internal functions, then please use
"num--" instead.

> checkdoc-current-buffer gives me two errors but I'm not sure how to fix
> those since in given instances num3-mode refers to the mode.

Don't take checkdoc for the gospel; those "errors" are fine.
If you do want to fix them, do as told: add the word "function" or
"command" soon before the offending `num3-mode'.

If you want to maintain the file directly in the elpa branch (rather
than send us patches), then please ask for write access (by registering
an account on savannah, and asking for membership in the "emacs" group
from that account).

Thank you for your contribution,


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