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Re: the amazing (and amazingly old) filladapt mode

From: Adam Doppelt
Subject: Re: the amazing (and amazingly old) filladapt mode
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 15:03:08 -0700

I don't know the back story here so please forgive my ignorance. Would
it help if I reached out to Kyle directly? I'd love to see it updated,
maintained and (maybe) even rolled into emacs.

Or I can just write up some thoughts regarding adaptive-fill-mode and
file a bug, if that would inspire someone to take it on.


On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 2:44 PM, Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote:
> Adam Doppelt wrote:
>> I'm wondering if some kind soul would like to modernize it and add it
>> to elpa, or possibly bring the equivalent functionality to
>> adaptive-fill-mode.
> I suspect the copyright assignment issue is likely to prevent this.
> It's probably better to make bug reports describing specific instances
> of how you feel the current fill code is lacking.

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