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Re: the amazing (and amazingly old) filladapt mode

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: the amazing (and amazingly old) filladapt mode
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 11:56:48 +0530
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Adam Doppelt <address@hidden> writes:

> Does anyone else use filladapt mode for filling paragraphs? This thing
> is great. It modifies fill-paragraph to handle a wide variety of line
> prefixes. See examples below. It's hosted by the author here:
> http://www.wonderworks.com/download/filladapt.el
> filladapt hasn't been updated since 1998 but miraculously continues to
> work, albeit with a few warts. I also get the sense that it's not a
> very good citizen since it overwrites some core functions rather than
> advising them.

Possibly [OT]

Try Orgmode.  It has sensible filling and export to ascii.  It is an
active project and you can always raise a FR against Orgmode if filling
in Org files is found wanting in some areas.

FYI, recent Orgmode manuals even go to the extent of saying that use of
filladapt.el is discouraged.

So, in effect, it will be win-win for both you and the Orgmode project.

It is better to NOT whack a senile horse when you can buy yourself an
young one.

> I'm wondering if some kind soul would like to modernize it and add it
> to elpa, or possibly bring the equivalent functionality to
> adaptive-fill-mode. Unfortunately my elisp skills are quite weak,
> otherwise I'd attempt it myself. I think a lot of people would
> appreciate the effort.
> Examples from filladapt.el:
> 1. xxxxx
>    xxxxx
> 2.1.3  xxxxx xx x xx x
>        xxx
> a. xxxxxx xx
>    xxx xxx
> 1) xxxx x xx x xx   or   (1) xx xx x x xx xx
>    xx xx xxxx                xxx xx x x xx x
> a) xxxx x xx x xx   or   (a) xx xx x x xx xx
>    xx xx xxxx                xxx xx x x xx x
> 2a. xx x xxx x x xxx
>     xxx xx x xx x
> 1a) xxxx x xx x xx   or   (1a) xx xx x x xx xx
>     xx xx xxxx                 xxx xx x x xx x
> -  xx xxx xxxx   or   *  xx xx x xxx xxx
>    xxx xx xx             x xxx x xx x x x
> o  xx xxx xxxx xx x xx xxx x xxx xx x xxx
>    xxx xx xx
> Thanks,
> Adam


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