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Re: Long lines and bidi [Was: Re: bug#13623: ...]

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: Re: Long lines and bidi [Was: Re: bug#13623: ...]
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2013 20:21:57 +0400
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On 02/08/2013 06:07 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

Profile alone is not enough.  Please tell how did you "scroll",
exactly (which commands did you use), and please also show the
absolute times it took to perform each command.

(defun scroll-both ()
  (let ((start (float-time)))
      (dotimes (n 100) (progn (scroll-up) (redisplay)))
      (goto-char (point-max))
      (dotimes (n 100) (progn (scroll-down) (redisplay)))
      (message "Elapsed %f seconds" (- (float-time) start)))))

With bidi, ~600 second elapsed, and:

    25.18%        emacs  emacs                          [.] scan_buffer
     7.04%        emacs  emacs                          [.] bidi_resolve_weak
     6.47%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     6.37%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     5.14%        emacs  libc-2.16.so                   [.] __memcpy_ssse3_back
     5.05%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     4.94%        emacs  emacs                          [.] x_produce_glyphs
     4.84%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftCharIndex
     3.72%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     3.70%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     2.90%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftGlyphExtents
     2.05%        emacs  emacs                          [.] bidi_fetch_char
     2.02%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     2.01%        emacs  emacs                          [.] bidi_resolve_neutral
     1.76%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     1.70%        emacs  emacs                          [.] bidi_get_type
     1.51%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     1.18%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftFontCheckGlyph
     1.12%        emacs  emacs                          [.] xftfont_encode_char
     1.01%        emacs  emacs                          [.] xftfont_text_extents

Without bidi, ~230 seconds elapsed, and:

    21.36%        emacs  emacs                          [.] x_produce_glyphs
    17.92%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
    15.07%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     8.37%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     8.34%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftCharIndex
     6.12%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     4.21%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftGlyphExtents
     3.07%        emacs  emacs                          [.] xftfont_encode_char
     2.68%        emacs  emacs                          [.] xftfont_text_extents
     1.87%        emacs  emacs                          [.] get_per_char_metric
     1.53%        emacs  libXft.so.2.3.1                [.] XftFontCheckGlyph
     1.49%        emacs  emacs                          [.] 
     1.35%        emacs  emacs                          [.] set_iterator_to_next

cache-long-line-scans is nil in both cases.

I suspect that scroll should be direction-agnostic in theory; but both profiled
runs shows that scroll-down is much, much slower than scroll-up (that's why
elapsed time is so huge in both cases).

What was in the file?  bidi_resolve_weak high on the profile hints
that it was full of punctuation or digits or banks, which is not
really an interesting case.

Your guess is correct; but I suspect that an average text in human language
contains less punctuations, digits and blanks than the C source code of the
same size :-).

Ah, _that_ red herring...  Why is that the first question?  What were
the times with and without bidi-display-reordering in this file?  In
my testing, the display engine performs awfully slow in both cases, so
even though turning off reordering makes it faster, it is still so
terribly slow that the problem is not going to be solved by that.

As to your question: how can we know what characters are or aren't in
the buffer without scanning it?  And scanning the buffer is exactly
what bidi.c does.

Hm... insert-file-contents tries to detect encoding by looking at first 1K
and last 3K of the file. Why the similar approach isn't applicable to bidi?


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