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Re: On the subject of Git, Bazaar, and the future of Emacs development

From: chad
Subject: Re: On the subject of Git, Bazaar, and the future of Emacs development
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 12:48:49 -0700

For whatever reason, these bugs are no longer found by launchpad's
search function (for me, at least - launchpad suffered several
`temporary errors' while I tried to find these).  There is, as far
as I know, no way to look at these without using a web browser.

The bug in question is 18 months old:


It was re-reported by emacs developers more than a year ago:


Almost exactly a year ago, the bazaar people downgraded the bug
importance from `High' to `Low'.  Multiple requests from Chong
Yidong since then have gone unanswered.

In the interest of helping you determine if the project as a whole
is actively maintained or not, it's worth pointing out the current
announcement from the bazaar team:

        "2.6.0 is planned to be released in August 2012."

Looking at the branch of bzr marked as "the current focus of
development", there are 66 branches proposed for merging (i.e.
there's lots of patches waiting to be examined and either rejected
or accepted).  There is exactly one change to the current dev tree
this year, that makes their test suite work with last October's
Ubuntu release.  The most recent change that looks (to my non-expert
eyes) to be an actual code change is ~6 months old.


I hope that helps.

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