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Re: imagemagic in image-mode and image-dired-thumbnail-mode?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: imagemagic in image-mode and image-dired-thumbnail-mode?
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 11:57:49 -0400
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Vitalie Spinu wrote:

> I am wiling to propose a series of patches to image.el and image-mode.el
> in order to implement scaling, transform functionality and auto-fit to
> image window. From what I see it will be quite an extensive change. So I
> ask before doing anything.
> First of all there is no image universal api for transforms. The
> functions image-transform-XXX in image-mode are very image-mode specific
> and all operate by side effects and rely on (many) global variables and
> image-toggle-display-image function (the core of image-mode).
> So the proposal is to rewrite all those transform functions into a
> consistent image transform api and move them into image.el.

FWIW, that sounds good to me.

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