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Re: Rectangular regions

From: Leo Liu
Subject: Re: Rectangular regions
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 10:13:52 +0800
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On 2013-11-01 09:40 +0800, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> So, I guess, in summary, this counts as an additional vote for C-x SPC.
> It looks like GUD will have to adapt.
>         Stefan

May I venture another proposal: C-]?

Come to think about it one would (usually) have to move lines to use
rectangle-mark? C-] C-n C-n ... seems quite natural to type.

If I understand the difference between abort-recursive-edit and
exit-recursive-edit correctly, the former exits to the top-level, which
make sense as part of exit-recursive-edit but with C-u.

Keys are precious resources and if there are ones we can GC, it is one
stone for two birds.

But I never use C-] for abort-recursive-edit. Comments?


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