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Re: Your commit 7409a79

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Your commit 7409a79
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 10:36:39 +0100
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() Stephen Leake <address@hidden>
() Tue, 09 Dec 2014 02:08:45 -0600

   Ah, but why limit the exception to the TITLE? The rest of the
   commit entry is also describing changes. That's my problem :).

That escape hatch is TITLE-only to conserve space, i suppose.
In the entry BODY, an extra dot at the end (and quoting, YMMV)
is no big deal.  E.g.:

 Add abstraction: mumble
 * foo.el (mumble): New func.
 (explain, extemporize, spew): Use it.

Under pervasive axiom 3, this could have been written:

 Add abstraction: mumble
 * foo.el (mumble): new func
 (explain, extemporize, spew): Use it.

but that naked "new func" is jarring (i use lowercase "n" for
emphasis) w/in the BODY context.  All IMHO, of course.  Actually,
for this case, to reduce redundancy, i might instead settle on:

 Add abstraction: mumble
 * foo.el (mumble): ...here.
 (explain, extemporize, spew): Use it.

as long as i'm comfortable equating "abstraction" w/ "func".
Anyway, writing a style guide is tough work, so kudos to those who
Do It.  I like style guides that include rationale, personally.

   "this will be here for posterity" was _not_ true for the NASA
   projects I worked on; it is true for Emacs.  I think that will
   be sufficient motivation for me.

It's very possible that Emacs will outlast NASA.  I don't think
i'll be around to find out, though...  :-D

Thien-Thi Nguyen
   GPG key: 4C807502
   (if you're human and you know it)
      read my lisp: (responsep (questions 'technical)
                               (not (via 'mailing-list)))
                     => nil

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