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Re: text-quoting-style

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: text-quoting-style
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 21:30:53 -0400
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> A user should have control over the handling of curly quotes in her
> Emacs.

For starters, I reject this statement, because it is much too broad.
And since enough add-advice can take care of it already, there's no need
for any config var just to satisfy this theoretical need.

IOW, please be a lot more concrete.

> The current and only mechanism for controlling these curly quotes is
> text-quoting-style.

"Controlling these curly quotes" is very vague.

> when one needs a locale with more than ASCII, yet doesn't want curly
> quotes,

Where exactly does this hypothetical user not want curly quotes?
And why?  What is/are the concrete problems these characters cause?

E.g. text-quoting-style doesn't prevent the existence of curly quotes in
Emacs, so for some interpretation of the above it's not sufficient.
And for other interpretations the problem could be solved some other way.


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