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Re: Building Emacs on MSYS2

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Building Emacs on MSYS2
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 21:40:55 +0200
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Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:

> On 04/15/2016 10:58 AM, Óscar Fuentes wrote:
>> Which is irrelevant for the user who builds Emacs, isn't it?
> Yes, and this supports Eli's point. Generally speaking, it's better to
> keep the MSYS2 build simple so that it tracks mainline Emacs
> development.

Why? The MSYS2 build for emacs-git (or any other package) is configured
for the MSYS2 user's convenience, as per the best judgement of the
PKGBUILD author.

> In particular, the --with-wide-int settings of the MSYS2
> build are irrelevant to the user who builds Emacs, so they should be
> omitted.

First things first, I was not involved on writing that PKGBUILD file. I
was just *guessing* that the author's intention is to enforce
--with-wide-int=no on the 32 bit build regardless of current and future
upstream's default setting.

Neither you nor I agree with that decision, but that's a different
topic. Maybe the author knows something that we ignore. Or maybe he is
simply imposing his personal preferences and prejudices. We don't know.

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