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Re: Building Emacs on MSYS2

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Building Emacs on MSYS2
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:11:30 +0200
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Stephen Leake <address@hidden> writes:

> Óscar Fuentes <address@hidden> writes:
>> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
>>> All I say is that I urge people to use the official build procedure.
>>> If you or someone else wants to talk to the author, or invite him/her
>>> to discuss this here, that's a bonus.
>> I'll like to remove that stuff from the PKGBUILD and submit a build
>> request (which will be accepted, I'm sure) but first I need to test the
>> build on x86 and x86_64, and that means quite a lot of time with my
>> (non-)hardware and scarce Windows usage. I hope to get it ready before
>> Emacs 25 is released.
> If it would help, I also build Emacs with MSYS2. I have not been using
> the PKGBUILD script, but it doesn't look hard.
> So I can help with testing. I have Windows 8.1 64 bit, with msys2
> mingw64 installed; I can install mingw32 if we want to test there.

Thank you.

You need the PKGBUILD and accompanying files. You can check out
MINGW-Packages (https://github.com/Alexpux/MINGW-packages) or copy the
files of the mingw-w64-emacs-git directory from that repo on a local
directory. Remove from PKGBUILD all CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
variables on the `build' function. Also remove all `configure'
paramaters except --prefix and --build. From a MSYS2 shell (not a
MinGWXX shell), cd to the directory that contains the PKBUILD file and
execute makepkg-mingw. Probably you will need to execute `makepkg-mingw
-s' for installing the dependencies. Taking a look at `makepkg-mingw
--help' will be useful. If the build goes well, this will create two
pacman package files, (32 and 64 bits). Install one of both packages
with pacman -U <file name of emacs package> and then you should have
emacs installed along the rest of your Mingw-w64 packages distributed
with MSYS2. Use it for some time.

You can also try to see what happens if you omit the patches. Remove
image.c.diff from `source' and the corresponding SHA hash from
`sha256sums' (the hashes of the files are listed in the same order as in
`sources'). See if the build breaks. See if imagemagick is detected. See
if you can use imagemagick from the resulting package. Report your
results. Ditto for lread.c.diff and locating Emacs .el files from Emacs.

> One thing I'd like to fix; my build of emacs 25 does not display png
> files. The binary pretest install does. I'd like to figure out the
> difference.

libpng is listed as an optional dependency, you need to install it
explicitly if you install the emacs binary package, but the build
process should download and install it when you build on your machine.

For the record, my old emacs-25 MSYS2 build can display png images fine.

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