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Re: CEDET Merge

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: CEDET Merge
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 22:06:41 +0100
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Edward Steere writes:
> Alright.  It shouldn't be too difficult to merge with the commit
> history intact and I agree wrt the tests so I'll make a start of
> porting those tonight.

That's great, thanks. You will need to remove quite some stuff from
there that is not in Emacs, like everything Java related, the Fortran
tests, ede/arduino, cogre...

I did take a look, and the last proper merge was done on Nov 10, 2014. I
think that was right before we switched to git. I also see now that I
did the merges differently than I remembered: I had an 'emacs' branch in
the CEDET repository which mimicked the file system layout from Emacs,
and merged the new CEDET commits there. Then I made one final diff and
committed that to Emacs. So in the end, the Emacs->CEDET merged were
commit-based, but CEDET->Emacs merges were done as one commit, and I
dimly remember that Stefan was OK with that as long as we provided
proper ChangeLogs. So I think it would be OK to do it this way again.

> Wrt the files which are in upstream but not in core do you have any
> experience with what ought to be merged?

Looking at the changes since Nov 10, 2014, there's the new ede/compdb
package. Otherwise, most of the changes are for Semantic and EDE, and
they are mostly by Eric and me, and it is not as much as I feared.

> There are newly supported project types and databases which look like
> they should probably be merged, but there are still more sources.  If
> not all of it is appropriate for the merge then perhaps we could look
> at moving future development to one or many ELPA packages.

For now, new files should be ignored if possible, let's merge the core
files first. Then anybody can look at what else is still upstream and
create ELPA packages for it.

If you work on the test suite, I will try to merge the commits since Nov


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