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Re: CEDET Merge

From: Edward John Steere
Subject: Re: CEDET Merge
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2017 15:45:24 +0200
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> That's totally expected. I'll take a look at them.
> -David

I've just pushed another update to my branch which fixes another mistake
in ia-utest, adds an include for the unit test root file and adds test
resource files which I missed the first time round.  I've created a
local branch where I merged my branch to yours to see how we're doing.
Here's what I've found after running both the unit and integration

* Utests in Error

** EDE Security
(error "Corrupt object on disk")

This is an error caused by the changes to how EIEIO objects auto load.
They no longer include their parents as part of the auto load so all
classes and class parents which are read from file must have their
definitions loaded prior to de-serialising (this includes the entire
inheritance hierarchy for the target class).

I added the following requires to the body of `ede-proj-load' to rectify
this (it's a total hack though):

(require 'ede/proj-prog)
(require 'ede/proj-aux)
(require 'ede/proj-elisp)
(require 'ede/proj-scheme)
(require 'ede/proj-misc)
(require 'ede/proj-prog)
(require 'ede/proj-archive)
(require 'ede/proj-shared)
(require 'ede/proj-info)
(require 'semantic/ede-grammar)

Note that I haven't added this change here.

** Project Detection Tests
I think that this also has to do with the changes to how classes are
auto loaded, but I'm not sure.

Running ede: project detection tests ...
ERROR: (wrong-type-argument (or eieio-object class) nil obj)
Running ede: project detect linux extra ...
ERROR: (wrong-type-argument (or eieio-object class) nil obj)

** Test FMT
(error "Cannot open tests/test-fmt.el for format tests")

I debugged this one and it looks like it can't open test-fmt.el because
semantic mode isn't active in Emacs lisp.

** Wisent Calculator
Running wisent calculator ...
ERROR: (void-function wisent-calc-utest)

This function doesn't seem to exist in either repo (?)

** Waiting for Key Press
Running working: wait-for-keypress ...
ERROR: (void-function working-wait-for-keypress)

This function doesn't seem to be in your branch.

** Interactive Test
(error "Invalid face" modeline)

I'm not sure where this face is defined, but it is indeed undefined
during the test.

** C Parser Tests
ERROR: (error "TAG INTERNAL DIFF: :prototype-flag :enum-type")
Running semantic: C parser (ERT) ... 
ERROR: (ert-test-failed ((should (test-c-check-tags-length actual 1)) :form 
(test-c-check-tags-length nil 1) :value nil :explanation "Wrong number of tags. 
Expected: 1, actual: 0."))
Running semantic: C preprocessor ... 
ERROR: (error #("Found: >> int EDEPART (int b) << Expected: >>  int C (int b) 
<<" 10 13 (face font-lock-type-face) 14 21 (face font-lock-function-name-face) 
23 26 (face font-lock-type-face) 27 28 (face font-lock-variable-name-face) 47 
50 (face font-lock-type-face) 51 52 (face font-lock-function-name-face) 54 57 
(face font-lock-type-face) 58 59 (face font-lock-variable-name-face)))

Are the new grammar files being compiled included correctly?

** Analyser Tests
ERROR: (invalid-slot-name "#<semantic-scope-cache semantic-scope-cache>" :name)

Haven't looked any further into this failure.

** SRecode Tests
ERROR: (error "Entry #<srecode-utest-output srecode-utest-output> failed; 
expected: --[;; An includable  we could use.
Running srecode: fields ... 
ERROR: (error "Calculated size of #<srecode-field srecode-field> was not 5")
Running srecode: project ... 
ERROR: (error "Project template not found when in project")

Haven't looked into this one either.

* Itests
Break at first tag comparison (so they should get further when the
Utests are fixed.)

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